Broadcast recording of the 21st Energy Globe World Award ”Category Youth” from June 5, 2021, 5 pm (CEST)

Winner - Paraguay

Foundation For The Earth (Fundacion Para La Tierra)

With the project: Voices of Nature

Country of implementation: Paraguay

Young people feel that our environment and nature are no longer in order and are looking for solutions to preserve a future worth living in. This was the reason for Joseph Sarvary and Jorge Ayala to found Voices of Nature with like-minded people. They began to visit schools and give lectures on the biodiversity of Paraguay, which have been met with great interest. More and more enthusiastic people and communities are now supporting them in these activities. Today, volunteer moderators provide information to young people aged 7 to 14. The motto is, knowledge is the power to change the world for the better, based on creativity, curiosity and closeness to nature.

FINALIST - Austria

Higher Technical Federal Teaching and Research Institute Mödling, Department of Environmental engineering (HTBLuVA Mödling /Abteilung Bautechnik Umwelttechnik)

With the project: SUSTAINABLE, practical, good - "The green neighborhood of the future"

Country of implementation: Austria

Everyone longs for a home that on the one hand offers maximum living comfort and on the other hand has minimal operating costs in harmony with nature. Two students worked together with a project team of 80 other students to develop a concept for an entire settlement in this regard. The main focus of each building was on energy requirements, water consumption, sustainable building materials and the use of renewable energies from the sun, wind and biomass. Social facilities, green spaces and tree planting were also taken into account. In addition, great importance was attached to local supply and sustainable mobility.

FINALIST - Lithuania

Kaunas University of Technology

With the project: Implementation of renewable energy sources at Chamber IX of Kaunas University of Technology

Country of implementation: Lithuania

Young people are looking for new and environmentally friendly solutions for the energy needs of our world because energy is the basis for economic development. Kaunas University in Lithuania is a public research university and its goals are knowledge, skill and strength. With this in mind, a hybrid energy system was developed by professors and students, which draws power from photovoltaic systems and uses the waste heat from the data center as well as the advantages of the energy storage system. The energy storage system works in combination with heat pumps that extract and store the waste heat from the data center and deliver it again when required.

FINALIST - Timor-Leste

Leublora Green Village

With the project: Leublora Green Village

Country of implementation: Timor-Leste

Timor Leste is a country in which a brutal war had been waged for 24 years, leaving many children traumatized. The village „Green Leublora“ supports healing with an ecotherapeutic framework. The school has an organic farm, a botanical garden, a classroom and playground for children so that the children experience holistic growth between body and mind by feeling nature with their five senses. In addition to daily sustainable lessons, the program also includes green weekends and green camps. Special emphasis is placed on teaching English and Mathematics. So far, almost 700 children have taken part in the activities “together with nature“.

Member of the Energy Globe jury

Representative for the category Youth

Peter Rae

Renewable Energy Alliance