Broadcast recording of the 21st Energy Globe World Award ”Category Air” from June 5, 2021, 5 pm (CEST)

Winner - Iceland

Carbon Recycling International

With the project: Emissions-to-Liquids Technology

Country of implementation: Iceland

Carbon Recycling International is a company that has specialized in the production of ecological liquid fuels such as methanol by the use of CO2 emissions. This is of the most importance for our future, as the massive increase in emissions from the use of fossil fuels has resulted in climate change. The ecological methanol is already being produced at several locations by means of renewable electricity such as photovoltaics and wind as well as CO2 emissions using a CRI technology. CRI wants to recycle a total of 1.5 million tons of CO2 for this purpose by 2022. The agency IRENA assumes that the market for renewable methanol will reach 400 million tons by 2050.

FINALIST - Czech Republic

Village of Hostětín

With the project: Sustainable Development of the Small Village of Hostětín

Country of implementation: Czech Republic

Hostětín is a small village with around 200 inhabitants at the foot of the White Carpathian Mountains. For around 30 years, the citizens of this village have been striving for sustainable development and structures and have been able to achieve great success. The joint projects began with a reed bed sewage treatment plant. Since 2000, most houses have been heated by a central biomass heating system with wood chips. Every 5th house already has a thermal solar system or uses photovoltaics. The street lighting was designed to be particularly energy-saving. All of the measures have made it possible to reduce the CO2 emissions to 2.5 tons per person, which is less than half of the average value.


National Interuniversity Consortium for Materials Science and Technology and University of Brescia (Consorzio Interuniversitario Nazionale per la Scienza e Tecnologia dei Materiali (INSTM) and University of Brescia)

With the project: SUstaiNable materials Synthesized from by-Products and Alginates for Clean air and better Environment

Country of implementation: Italy

The Chemistry for Technology Laboratory has set itself the goal of restoring ecosystems within the framework of circular economy using sustainable solutions. The focus here is on particulate matter pollution in cities. The European Environment Agency estimates that 85 to 91% of the population are exposed to increased levels of particulate matter, which has led to around 470,000 premature deaths in Europe. Following the pattern of leaves, the newly developed SUNSPACE material traps the fine dust. For this purpose, SUNSPACE is applied to large areas in cities in the form of plaster or paint. In this way, a significant reduction in fine dust pollution can be achieved.


Industrial Technology Research Institute, Green Energy and Environment Research Laboratories

With the project: Mobile Application “BeCool” - an energy-efficient product database to assist Taiwanese citizens’ energy conservation!

Country of implementation: Taiwan

The Industrial Technology Research Institute is the largest non-profit research center in Taiwan with around 1000 patents per year. Activities focus on how to reduce greenhouse gas emissions coming from the use of fossil fuels. For this purpose, a mobile app called “Be Cool” was developed, which provides information on the energy efficiency of products and devices. The program's artificial intelligence also analyzes individual consumer needs and provides personalized recommendations for reducing emissions. The app is continuously promoted in Taiwan and has already achieved great success.

Member of the Energy Globe jury

Representative for the category Air

Don Baker

Sustainability Movement