With more than 180 participating countries, the ENERGY GLOBE Award is today’s most prestigious environmental award. It is awarded annually to projects saving our environment by personal action, sustainable projects or campaigns for raising awareness in sustainability. The awards for these many projects are presented in the countries where the project has been implemented in cooperation with our partners, in particular with the international offices of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce and UNIDO.


Get inspired by our 2020 national winners and have a look at exciting and unique environmental solutions from all around the world!


ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA is a long year partner of the Energy Globe Award to decorate outstanding high-light projects world-wide. As Austria and especially Austrian companies are among the pioneers of environment protection, it is a perfect match, that a county and its economy with a high reputation and expertise in environmental technology and renewable energy support local projects all over the world. The positive response of the awardees is overwhelming and helps us not only to promote Austrian goods and services but also to export the Austrian spirit and passion for environment protection.

Protecting the environment is important for E.ON. Through the E.ON Energy Globe competition, we have been inspiring others to greater sustainability and to act ecologically for 12 years. Our nature is worth it.

There’s no substitute for water. Every single one of us needs it to survive and we will face dire shortages if we don’t act now. Let’s value water the way we should! With modern materials and reliable infrastructure.


Thank you to our partners!