Broadcast recording of the 21st Energy Globe World Award ”Category Fire” from June 5, 2021, 5 pm (CEST)

Winner - India

Barefoot College International

With the project: Barefoot College International Global Solar Initiative

Country of implementation: India

Around 1.2 billion people in our world currently have no access to electricity. Without access to energy, there is hardly any opportunity for economic development. That is why Barefoot College International has started an initiative in India to train women to become solar engineers. In total, more than 3000 women have already been trained who will ensure solar electrification in their home country. The results are overwhelming and women are now also valued as saviors. By replacing kerosene and fossil fuels, emissions have been greatly reduced. Due to the light in the evening and the resulting possibility to learn, education has become much better.

FINALIST - Denmark

HyBalance c/o Hydrogen Valley

With the project: HyBalance

Country of implementation: Denmark

The rapid increase in the use of fossil energy and the associated environmental impact have created a need for new ecological forms of energy, especially for industrial sectors. Hydrogen is a sensible alternative. A consortium of 6 competent partners from Europe demonstrates how this could be possible. The HyBalance project shows that the production of ecological hydrogen for the storage of surplus energy from photovoltaics and wind energy is technically feasible and economically profitable. Since 2018, this plant has been producing 130 tons of hydrogen from PEM water electrolysis.


Lexon Tower

With the project: Lexon office & commercial tower

Country of implementation: Iran

As in most major cities in the world, also in Tehran with around 16 million inhabitants air quality is a very important issue. Sustainable buildings are therefore sought whose energy supply is based on new energy concepts without emitting emissions. According to this specification, the Lexon office and commercial tower in central Tehran was designed by Toseh Abnieh Hemmat. Mainly natural light is used. Thanks to triple glazing an optimal insulation is given. Future-oriented energy management, a ventilation system with heat recovery, green areas on all floors and a green roof show the way to the energy future.

FINALIST - Netherlands


With the project: AquaBattery - Clean and sustainable energy storage solutions

Country of implementation: Netherlands

The availability of ecological electricity and its storage also for smaller applications is the topic of the future, as conventional batteries represent an ecological problem. Jiajun Cen, CEO and founder of AquaBattery, has developed a 100% sustainable battery. The basis for this is the use of salt water, whereby acid and base are stored in separate tanks. When electricity is needed, the acid and base are mixed in the same membrane stack. No toxic or rare chemicals are required. There is no risk of explosion. When the battery is not used, it does not lose any energy.

Member of the Energy Globe jury

Representative for the category Fire

Franz Josef Radermacher

Global Marshall Plan