Central Asian NGOs Coalition: 1.Ecoforum of Uzbekistan (Republic of Uzbekistan); 2.Central Asian network of experts on sustainable development (Republic of Kazakhstan); 3.Tebigy Kuwwat SUE (Turkmenistan); 4. Youth Ecological Centre (Republic of Tajiki

With the Project:
Promoting Access for local communities to Low-Cost Green Technologies and Practices

This project is based on the use of technical and social components of low-cost effective green technologies to save the environment. The main objective of the project is to raise awareness, practices, and methods of manufacturing and using appropriate structures to save the environment. The project has raised awareness of low-cost effective green technologies and practices, and methods to preserve the environment and improve people's health.


Developing countries do not have enough funds to preserve the natural environment and ensure public health. This is due to the justified need for the state to address the priority tasks of economic development. Due to climate change, the situation is becoming more difficult every year as a result of practices like tree felling, poaching etc. This has led to lack of energy, natural gas, and low productivity in the remote areas.


The main criteria for the selection of technologies and practices are the expected to have economic, social and environmental benefits. The use of recommended technologies and practices allows the communities to obtain clean water, affordable energy, safe and inexpensive food, reduce waste and pollution, improve living standards and reduce unemployment. The seminars, trainings and exhibitions held, train about 700 people and organizations. They also prepare trainers for further promotion of the project results in regions of the Central Asian countries through websites, tutorials and reference books.


This project includes technological and social components. The collection and selection of the technologies was carried out according to cost-free methodologies. These include selection of acceptable technologies and practices for mass application, a selection procedure, studying databases of countries, conducting training seminars, manufacturing recommended technologies and designs and organizing exhibitions of the technologies.



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