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Green Bio Energy (GBE) is a social enterprise that provides poor households with environmentally friendly charcoal briquettes and consultancy training in setting up both small and medium scale briquettes businesses. From 2016 to 2018, GBE has distributed almost 1,700 tons of briquettes and more than 100,000 improved cookstoves. Through this initiative, more than 37 million trees have been conserved, over 32,000 tons of CO2 have been offset and at least 269,000 people using the products have been impacted.


In Uganda, about 96% of the 36 million inhabitants use wood-based fuel for cooking and heating. Ugandan poor families use a significant part of their daily income for expensive and polluting cooking fuel such as wood charcoal, which is burnt and largely wasted in rudimentary, inefficient cookstoves. However, the markets of biomass and energy-saving solutions are just in their infancy in Uganda. While the population is increasing at high rates (3.3% per year), biomass will remain the biggest and cheapest source of energy for most Ugandans in the foreseeable future, until they actually attain a certain level of income allowing them to switch to modern clean forms of energy.


GBE has scaled and optimised both the briquettes and stove production plants in central and eastern regions and distributed at least 500 tons of briquettes and 4,800 stoves per year during the years of 2016, 2017 and 2018. The business has expanded its distribution partnerships and also works with a network of micro-entrepreneurs and youths to test the potential market in Eastern, Western and Central regions of Uganda.


As part of the company's social mission, all pieces of equipment are produced locally. Instead of using capital-intensive production and distribution processes and/or relying on imports, GBE has exclusively leveraged local human and material resources all along its value chain, while implementing constant and strict quality controls. This way, high-quality, yet affordable and accessible products have been produced and implemented. All the developed products are based on the requirement of the customers.


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