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In Suriname, 30 recycle bins are added in the coastal area at strategic locations in the regions Paramaribo, Nickerie and Coronie for communities to properly dispose of their waste. The project is also engaging youths in waste management activities as a way of educating them in waste sorting and recycling. Information about this initiative is disseminated to thousands of people via social media and other communication platforms.


Until 2015, the residents of Suriname did not have adequate bins to dispose of their plastic waste and by 2017, only three districts had recycling bins. Due to the accumulating amount of waste, there was a growing need for practical waste management practices, especially bins placed at strategic points. This problem was further worsened by a lack of awareness by school kids and the community members concerning the correct disposal of their waste. The resulting build-up of waste resulted in blockages of sewer drains and an overall unhygienic situation.


The project team started by placing 30 recycling bins in selected areas of Suriname. Awareness about the waste management initiative is raised via social media in a bid to target the local community. Plastic and aluminium waste are now collected on a weekly basis while students are engaged in training sessions about waste management. All participating children have received education material to help them better understand the programme.


The recycling bins have an opening for the waste and aluminium cans to avoid vandalism and to allow easy waste storage. Plastic bags only are removed from the bin by the recycling contractor, making it a hygienic waste management process. Social media and other communication platforms are used to deliver the message to the general public. The 30 bins stationed in different locations of the selected regions are still in use as communities continue to embrace the culture of recycling waste.


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