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Biogas unit implementation as a new energy source

Helpo Eco Green Ltd, a company specializing in organized organic waste management, has started promoting conservation of the environment for the locals in Sri Lanka. The main aim of the project is to raise awareness, educate and engage the local communities about climate change issues at hand. The public has been engaged by the company about proper waste management in awareness programs at the local level communities.


The main issue in the local communities in Sri Lanka, is the unnecessary organic waste dumping into the environment. Although the organic waste is totally degradable, short term discrepancies such as bad odour, pests and insects are created as a result of this situation. This also causes emission of Methane gas that has been categorized as a greenhouse gas and negatively affects the atmosphere.


Helpo Eco Green Ltd identified the advantage of the organic waste as a sustainable energy source and the approach to prevent short term effects of climate change. Implementing biogas units is the approach selected for proper organic waste management and as an alternative solution for renewable energy in Sri Lanka. The energy produced by a biogas unit can be used for numerous activities thus saving energy and reduces the emission of the Methane gas, which directly reduces the greenhouse gas effect.


The biogas units come in two forms: one on the ground and the other underground with different volumes according to the requirement. According to the calculations, the sewer and septic pits should be unloaded in a periodical manner. Feed and organic waste materials such as food waste, sewer waste and garden waste are used. Anaerobic digestion is then used in the digestion process which creates a new renewable energy source and also prevents emission of methane gas into the air by converting it to carbon-dioxide. The produced gas can be used for cooking purposes as well be converted into electricity for bulbs.



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