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Sierra Leone

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With the Project:
Sustainable Toilets @ Girls School in Sierra Leone

This project implemented by Ecoloo GreenTech Malaysia aims at deploying toilets for girls at a school in Sierra Leone. The Ecoloo is a unique and sustainable technology that can reduce, reuse and recycle sewer waste efficiently. With the production of organic fertiliser, a comprehensive and effective solution is provided to increase food security.


According to a teacher report concerning schools in Sierra Leone, the construction of toilets is too expensive, leading to a disproportionate number of toilets. In one school for example, only three toilets are available for 600 students and 27 teachers. Insufficient space to build the toilets is another challenge faced by the schools, forcing them to choose the construction of classrooms rather than the construction of proper sanitary facilities. Currently, only 5.9% of elementary schools and 4.7% of junior and senior secondary schools have access to water and sanitation.


The Ecoloo has been installed in schools, factories and public areas. Resulting liquid fertiliser obtained from the toilets is odourless and rich in nutrients. It can be collected for agricultural use or drained if not required. As the waste is already treated, its disposal on land is safe for the environment. Poverty can be reduced through the creation of job or business opportunities for local producers and service providers.


The Ecoloo is a permanent, long-term, non-polluting and on-site waste treatment solution, and the best alternative to flush toilets and sewage treatment. There is no odour released from the toilet, neither sewage nor toxic sludge. Most importantly, the toilet does not require water for operation or for flushing. This system provides an alternative solution to the world‘s sanitation issues.


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