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V-Chiller 21st century cooling technology!

V-Chiller invented a new refrigeration technology that is 20 times faster than traditional vapor compression, with very high efficiency and is totally eco-friendly. Rapid cooling capability can be used in many industries to decrease energy waste. V-Chiller is already running a pilot with Coca-Cola to test the concept and in negotiations with multiple other brands. With rapid cooling and high efficiency a building can be fed with fresh air to curb the risk of spreading diseases within indoor environments like the Corona Virus, so indoors will be as safe as the outdoors.


Currently most beverages need to be sold at cold temperature, due to the very slow cooling rates of current chillers, there is always a need to chill large number of drinks continuously. Wasting a huge amount of energy used at peak demand after running out of cold stock, decreases sales. The environmental impact of using current chillers is huge due to harmful gases used as refrigerants which have big global warming effects.


With rapid cooling, leaving beverages at room temperature rapidly chills drinks at the point of sale reduces the need for continuous cooling hence saving huge amount of energy costs. The refrigerant blends developed by V-Chiller is cheap and can replace conventional chillers. This saves not just equipment costs but also in maintenance and space usage.


V-Chiller uses a game-changing cooling technology based on the concept of vacuum cooling, in which reducing the pressure surrounding a liquid reduces its boiling point. It uses a vacuum pump to reduce the pressure below the boiling of the liquid at a specific temperature.While no heat is added to induce boiling, the heat required comes directly from the liquid itself hence the cooling effect, this process happen very quickly which also offer the rapid cooling capability.



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