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With the Project:
Supply, Storage and Installation of 30kW Solar & Diesel Mini-Grid System at Yasawa High School, Naviti Island, Yasawa, Fiji (Fiji Sustainable Energy Hybrid Power Project - FSEHPP)

Fiji Sustainable Energy Hybrid Power Project (FSEHPP) was established to produce environmentally sound and sustainable power systems for energy production and use. With an aim to assist the government in reaching the electricity access target by 2021, the department in partnership with German Technical Corporation (GIZ) opted for the construction of 30 kW Solar & Diesel Mini Grid System at Yasawa High School, Naviti Island, Yasawa Group. The project is titled Fiji Sustainable Energy Hybrid Power Project (FSEHPP).


The core problem experienced by the Yasawa High School was lack of access to Sustainable Power Supply. In addition to short operating hours of the generators, costly repair and maintenance schedules, lack of technical expertise and irregular shipping services have all contributed to the unstainable enabling environment. School children had limited access to proper lighting, internet services and technologies to broaden their knowledge and opportunity to explore and be in touch with the outside world.


Fiji fully embraced the UN SE4ALL initiative and as such Fiji Government by year 2025 aimed to provide all Fijians with access to modern energy services which are affordable, clean and reliable. The project was not just to reduce financial burden on fuel imports on the vulnerable people living in the remote parts of Fiji but also offer opportunities to improve their lives through improved facilities for education, information technology, tele-communications, improved health energy security, food security and opportunities to venture into income generating activities.


A Total of 42 buildings spread across the school compound were installed with smart prepaid energy meters. Spark meter was used and since its built for hard-to reach and low consumption end users. Pre-payment method is the most sustainable way of collecting revenue and encouraged a sense of ownership, responsibility, and accountability. The proven lead acid (GEL) batteries were used over other advanced battery technologies to avoid sophistication. Remote connectivity via SMA Sunny Portal was implemented for technical support.



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