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TUI Junior Academy Curaçao: Green Teachers and Kids for a Cleaner Curaçao

The TUI Junior Academy Curaçao is the first program on the island of Curacao that trains future teachers regarding environmental issues, recycling and sustainability with the aim of raising awareness for a greener future and healthier environment. It empowers young teachers and youth to become change agents within their schools, homes and Caribbean communities. The project’s main measures are to educate 180 teachers in training and teaching 8,000 children about sustainability, environment and recycling issues. The vision is to make a long-lasting and sustainable impact on locals and the island’s ecosystem by connecting various public and private stakeholders, teachers, universities, local organizations and local public entities. So far, 84 teachers have been trained and over 5,100 schoolchildren have been reached.


Waste and plastic pollution are big threats to the Caribbean. The local communities lack education and awareness of waste management and recycling options. Besides the increasing waste in general, Curaçao attracts many tourists who leave their waste lying by the roadside, on beaches and in the sea, which has major implications for the island’s flora, fauna and attractiveness. There is the need to connect the organization of local green and waste management with the local community and to change the mindset of generations.


A curriculum including 'Plastic and Recycling on Curacao’ was developed by the TUI Care Foundation and GreenKidz. The interactive classes are suitable for all primary school students from grades 5 to 8 in Curaçao. This curriculum is provided in the local language Papiamento or Dutch with the aim of reaching over 8,000 students. Several activities have already been implemented successfully, including a green video competition, one-to-one meetings with local green organizations and site visits, as well as the execution of GreenKidz lessons by future teachers in their internship schools. To date, 84 teachers in training have taken part in the program, reaching over 5,100 schoolchildren. The feedback from the schools and students has been overwhelmingly positive and the cooperating university is looking to fully integrate the environmental program into their curriculum for future teachers. Besides, a GreenKidz magazine and a GreenKidz Award are presented at the annual GreenKidz party.


The project is innovative in its approach of teaching the teacher and the engagement of public and private stakeholders. This initiative specifically targets teachers who learn how to involve children in the importance of environmental issues, recycling and sustainability. As a result of this project, this teaching approach will be included in the national university’s curriculum. Besides, the TUI Care Foundation funded the GreenKidz recycling educational package in 2015, which successfully creates awareness regarding pollution problems and proper waste management among primary school children in Curacao.



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