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EU4Youth: “School Garden” for agricultural entrepreneurship

For about 25 years, Green Cross Belarus (GCBY) has been looking for answers to the global urbanization, agrarian industrialization and the massive depopulation of rural areas. It has set itself to preserve the close ties of the man with the earth and pass them on to younger generations. In this line, the project “School garden” creates a network of rural incubators for the development of entrepreneurship on modern sustainable agriculture, professional growth and social self-realization of young people in poor and suffering rural communities.


Every village disappears in few years after closing the school. The reasons include: lack of jobs, low salaries, lack of training opportunities, weak knowledge of modern agriculture, low living standards, hard work conditions, weak social, cultural and health support, alcoholism, lack of prospects. Rural communities need asap promising professional education, economic opportunities and social integration for the youth.


The approach focuses on building of urban-rural bridges and networking with rural schools as the key actors. The project builds a network of local centers of competences, cooperation and development in the rural area on the base of schools with school gardens for youngsters who are more open for innovations in work/life.


The knowledge spreads from experts to youngsters through local trainers at the schools. The schools become local incubators where youngsters get knowledge on organic farming, business & economy, entrepreneurship & leadership, storing & processing organic products, marketing & promotion, information technologies, agricultural tourism, crafts; participate in business initiatives and study to produce the products with high added value.



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