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Max TapWater

Max TapWater is a service for piped water supply by Max Social Enterprise, offered to poor and middle-income families living in Bangladesh. Their mission is to provide safe water to all, linked to Max Foundation’s mission to save as many children’s lives as possible in the most effective and sustainable way. The access to clean drinking water significantly reduces the spread of diseases like Cholera, causing many deaths, especially among children below five years.


Only 13% of rural Bangladeshi households have access to safe water. This project is the result of 27 test sites under the wing of the Max Foundation. Setting up a safe water enterprise for piped water was a huge challenge as the business model for Bangladesh required a lot of input. The results gathered from the test sites showed that rural households are willing to pay for safe water to be piped into their homes. Despite the market opportunity, public and private alternatives are failing to serve rural, peri-urban, and urban slum areas.


Max TapWater constructs boreholes, a small water tower, and a pump that can be operated by means of solar panels. In a next step, PVC pipes are connected to each customers’ household, offering three connection points: in the kitchen, the toilet, and in the washroom. Each piped water scheme is operated by a local entrepreneur. Customers pay a one-off connection fee and a monthly tariff to the entrepreneur, who gets a share of each month’s revenue.


Max TapWater uses a business model that reduces the per capita expenditure on water services that also makes the size of scheme investments payable by the customer. Use of a solar mini grid network allows to further flexibility for innovation, such as using water treatment options like blue LED based germ killing. A solution is offered to the Government of Bangladesh to realise its ambition for equal services to all, especially services related to sustainable development goal number 6.


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