Labor Spring Organization

With the Project:
Band-e-Amir Northern Plateau Proposed Protected Area Landscape Management, Bamyan Province

LSO implemented a project, being “Band-e-Amir Northern Plateau Proposed Protected Area Landscape Management, Bamyan”. The purpose of this project is to conserve and recover the biodiversity of Northern Band-e-Amir to improve the natural resources and wildlife in the target areas. The project has established one ranger station that scaled up working capacity and performance on wild-life conservation and natural resources management across 24 communities in Northern Plateau.


Villages are scattered over very remote mountainous terrain where the livelihood of the population is subsistence agriculture. The mountains are covered with different plant species and animals threatened by hunting. The area in question provides refuge for small pockets of Afghanistan's dwindling wildlife. Human interaction is threatening the existence of wildlife. The communities are also poor due to bad land management practices. There is a need to educate and inform communities to put structures in place in order for them to operate in an effective way to manage the landscape.


With leadership and direction of target communities the project managed to complete construction of a ranger station with employment of skilled and un-skilled workers from target communities.The project also implemented follow-up sessions and raised awareness on conservation of natural resources to the locals. Using this approach, they encouraged the target communities to feel the ownership over project and ranger station and motivated them to continue their conservation measures beyond the project life.


This project established a facility for the Northern plateau rangers to harmonize their activities by using ranger stations to increase working capacity and enhance their performance. The project activities include: project inception, strengthening the role of the community in landscape management, raising awareness about conservation and management of natural resources and constructing a ranger/tourism hub to coordinate ranger activities and give information to visitors on the protected areas.



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