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Energy Globe Award

With more than 187 participating countries and over 2000 project submissions annually the Energy Globe Award is today's most prestigious environmental prize worldwide. It distinguishes projects regionally, nationally and globally that conserve resources such as energy or utilize renewable or emission-free sources. Award ceremonies are held all over the world. Prominent personalities as well as Energy Globe Ambassadors in 90 countries support the mission of Energy Globe. The activities of Energy Globe attract worldwide media attention - international TV stations report each year with approximately 1,000 hours of broadcasting time. The aim of the Energy Globe is to raise global attention on sustainable, everywhere applicable environmental solutions and to motivate people to also become active in this area.

National ENERGY GLOBE Award Slovenia 2019

Submitted by: KOVIS d.o.o.
Future rail freight transport (FUTURA): cost-effective, safe, quiet and green

UTURA project is about improving the quality of life for over 55 million EU citizens who live and work near train tracks, while focusing on safety and security, health and environment and cost-effectiveness. It developed a Divided axle mounted Rail Freight Brake Disc (further referred to as DRFB disc) for commercialization. DRFB disc is a technology that is cost-effective. The disc helps solve the challenges in the area of safety and security, reduce accidents of freight trains at level crossings, increases safety of RFT at higher velocities.

Initial situation
The new freight wagons are mostly equipped with inferior K-block brakes due to cost-effectiveness despite longer braking distances and higher noise and vibration levels. K-block braking system is cheaper than the disc braking system. Disc brakes can mostly be found only on wagons that cover over 100,000 km per annum, which in practice touches only those that carry containers and trucks. Disc brakes are also found on wagons that must cover large height differences and therefore need to brake more often and must be more reliable.

DRFB disc is a revolutionary solution, influencing 3 key elements in the rail freight transport, safety and security, health and environment and cost-effectiveness with strong horizontal and vertical “spill-over” effects and crucial social, economic and technical impacts. The specific objectives of the project were, optimization of the DRFB disc prototype causing 11% reduction of the braking distance and consequently a higher safety, enables higher speeds in RFT (up to 160 km/h).

The disc will directly enable higher velocities of RFT and greater weight train compositions due to lower LCC, lower noise levels and improved reliability of braking systems with built-in DRFB discs. At the moment, freight trains reduce their velocity in urban areas (80 to 120 km/h) because of high noise levels and inefficiency of classical brakes at high velocity and heavy trainloads. Through this product, economic influence on the automotive, food, logistic, metal-processing industries will see a decrease of transportation prices by app. 15 € per unit of transported goods.

Capital: Ljubljana
Official language: Slovene
Total area: 20.273 km²
Population: 2.050.189
GDP/Capita/Year: $25.939
Source: Wikipedia 2012