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Mekong Plus for its local NGO partner: Anh Duong

With the Project:
Plastic waste recycling in Hau Giang

Mekong Plus works through its Vietnamese NGO partner Anh Duong in 67 schools with more than 25,000 pupils in the Hau Giang province, Vietnam. This project aims to raise awareness about plastic waste and reduce one-time-use of plastic items as much as possible.


Previously, illegal dumping of waste or incineration by some government factories was the rule, but these options polluted the atmosphere tremendously. For many years Anh Duong was faced with the problem of what to do with the collected waste? Also, housing was a delicate question that needed to be addressed.


Anh Duong has worked with the schools for many years on health education and environment issues. It has encouraged the people to reduce the use of plastics. But this year, for the first time, it has a practical solution: buying panels made of recycled plastic waste to support cheap housing for the poor. By using corrugated panels made of recycled waste, the poor households save costs on the family budgets. The houses are eco-friendly and fresher than when built with iron sheets and traditional materials.


The children collect the waste, private collectors visit the schools and buy it for recycling. The schools have some little income and are rewarded with extra scholarships by Anh Duong on the basis of the waste collected. The project buys panels made of plastic waste to build cheap houses. Good housing is key to people's health and help the children to study. The villagers save on costs, the houses are fresher and very eco-friendly.



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