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With the Project:
Saving Hotel 25% of Energy Consumption with Wireless IoT AC automation

SensorFlow partnered with Absolute Resorts & Hotels group to install a smart energy solution. The aim was to maximise HVAC energy efficiency, optimise operational productivity and enhance the hotel's sustainability. With Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, SensorFlow has enabled Absolute Bangla Suites hotel to automate 67 hotel rooms, saving up to 25% in monthly HVAC energy consumption within 4 months and reducing monthly energy costs.


Thailand is characterised by seasonal periods of extreme levels of humidity. These climate circumstances lead to high maintenance costs and system consumption. There is also a challenge of ensuring guestroom comfort and excellent room maintenance and mildew risks that could easily damage in-room materials and produce bad odour in the hotel.


Absolute Bangla Suites needed a smart energy management solution that could both optimise energy consumption while maximising guest satisfaction and comfort. SensorFlow's smart hotel solution addresses these challenges by using smart wireless IoT solutions and AI to monitor, analyse and automate energy consumption for productivity, sustainability and energy efficiency.


SensorFlow operates a wireless, cloud-based, full-stack IoT solution that involves installing wireless sensors that communicate with each other via IoT technology. These sensors work on proprietary long-range radio network and a single gateway connects to hundreds of sensors across multiple floors to continue room automation even if the Wi-Fi is down. The gateway runs the automation engine, using Artificial Intelligence to automatically switch off the A/C or turn the temperature higher to save energy.



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