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Green Energy in Hissar

The Green Energy in the Hissar project was implemented by the Youth Ecological Centre in the villages of the Hissar Valley in Tajikistan. The project focused on the development of solar power plants, the provision of renewable technologies such as solar water heaters, solar kitchens, and energy-efficient stoves. These renewable energy resources enabled households to reduce their energy costs and improve rural living conditions. More than 300 women entrepreneurs, farmers, and housewives benefited from the improved energy efficiency in the sewing workshops, greenhouses, agricultural processing, and production of fuel briquettes.


Tajikistan, a mountainous country in Central Asia is rich in hydropower, however, 70% of the country's population suffers from severe shortages of electricity during winter. Lack of energy and its accessibility are particularly affecting poor rural households that spend a large share of their total consumer spending on energy. The energy problem also causes gender imbalance as women face the burden of collecting firewood for cooking and maintaining warmth in the household.


The Youth Ecological Centre is solving the energy problem faced by the rural communities through implementation of energy conservation programmes and provision of renewable energy resources. The community benefits from the solar energy, as the sun’s energy is always available for more than 300 days a year. The organisation is also improving women’s businesses by supporting small-scale production of energy-efficient stoves, fuel briquettes as well as the installation of energy-efficient bread making facility.


The project promoted the participatory mechanism of energy management by women and farmers on a community level. Community energy committees were created to promote more sustainable self-reliant access to energy resources, renewable energy resources, and energy-efficient income-generating tools. Another innovative aspect of the project was related to the technological features of the equipment that helped to empower women through low-cost energy-efficient ovens for community baking projects. The organisation also engaged community members in simple water heater installation and production of fuel briquettes to ensure women spend less time gathering firewood.



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