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Clean Games are a team of competitions in waste collecting and sorting. The project started in 2014 and since then more than 1,000 games were held in 338 cities in 20 countries. The aim was to create the most popular ecological project in the world while implementing the format in more towns worldwide. From 30 to 1,500 people participate and 2-20 tons of waste is collected and sorted per event and so far about 60,000 players have collected 2,000 tons of garbage.


While eco-activists and organisations are engaged in discussing and solving environmental problems, the majority of people are not. Volunteers often face challenges while trying to implement or scale their practices. Garbage sorting and recycling is definitely one of the most actual challenges for some countries. But for the majority, it is necessary to start with general cleaning-ups and citizens` behavior changes.


Information is provided on a new educational session via social networks, media sources, and partner channels. The youth, environmental and community leaders, eco-activists and volunteers as well as the municipals are attracted to become Clean Games organizers. Participation is free for everybody. Environmental and Youth organisations, Universities, and Municipalities get an opportunity of engaging young people in environmentally friendly actions.


Local organizers provide participants with all the equipment, are responsible for media, administrative, partnership support and to form volunteer teams. All coordinators and players are provided with access to the IT site and the mobile application. All the information on the number of participants, their engagement, tons of waste collected among other key data is recorded. Players mark cleaned places and earn extra points for before and after check-ins with photos of the results.



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