Russian Federation

Russian Federation

Ph.D. in Geographic Sciences VLADIMIR BRATASHOV

With the Project:
Expedition of the Great Rivers of Russia from the source to the mouth

The project aims to survey the current state of the rivers of Russia from the source to the mouth and make the results of the findings available to the general public. A draft of the guidelines for the river survey was developed, followed by the publishing of a preliminary analysis of the water management system proposals for its improvement. A system of public monitoring of the state of rivers is created with the information provided by the Russian Geographical Society and other public organisations.


Since the 20th century, several expeditions about the state of the rivers of Russia have been carried out by organisations and experts. However, the reports showing the level of pollution in the rivers are written in expert terms, leaving the public unaware of their current state. The project team in collaboration with other organisations are carrying out a survey to publicise their findings to the general public in simple terms that can be understood by everyone.


The project has been implemented at the rivers of the European part of Russia. From 2015 to 2019, the rivers stretching from England to Russia and their tributaries were surveyed and information about their water management system was collected. According to the results published on the website of the project and in social networks, 150 travel notes were illustrated with photos and analysis articles. The findings about the state of the rivers were further published in two Russian TV shows and in five conferences.


A geoportal called ‚Rivers of Russia‘ was created as part of the site expedition of the Russian rivers from the source to the mouth. The portal serves the purpose of posting information obtained during the survey as well as publishing it in a way that is understandable to the general public. The team involved invited all interested citizens and specialists to load the geoportal with information related to conducting such expeditions. There was also an option for receiving more information as the expedition progressed. The information gathered has enabled the public to take part in the management of the rivers as well as understand their ecology and importance.


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