With the Project:

Prosumers are small producers of clean energy from renewable sources. This energy from the prosumers can now be fed to the grid which accelerates Romania’s transition to a green economy. So far, 200 prosumers have been recruited with an expectation of approximately 30,000 more to join the list through a funding programme initiated by the National Environmental Fund in Romania.


Romania had no legal framework for prosumers since the government was not aware of this problem nor of the huge potential of the use of solar energy. For example, a solar panel on the rooftop of a building provides enough energy within 14 days to supply a home for one year. In order to cover the national energy consumption, an installed capacity of 50,000 MW of photovoltaic systems is required.


In the beginning, a national campaign about renewable energy implementation and legislation was carried out. Workshops on the programme structure and relevance were organised and roundtables with all the stakeholders such as distributors, energy suppliers, installers and authorities were held to ensure their contribution in the discussions.


In Romania, this is the first project that has created a community of prosumers and a more efficient communication channel between them and the decision makers in order to attain the desired results. The national energy strategy was worked on and the project team participated in workshops and meetings with national members of the European Parliament as well as European Commissioners not only for gaining more knowledge but also in order to gain their support.



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