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Northern Lights Carbon Transport and Storage project

The Northern Lights project aims to significantly support the enabling of carbon neutrality in Europe by providing carbon transport and permanent storage services. By offering an open network, Northern Lights enables all industries that want to capture their carbon to do so. The project will develop, construct and operate facilities in the North Sea to offload liquid Carbon from ships and inject it in a permanent and safe geological storage.


The Paris Agreement aims to achieve net-zero emissions in the second half of the century. The European Commission’s vision for a long-term strategy to reach a climate-neutrality in the EU states that carbon storage is a key building block. The Northern Lights Project could help Europe meet its ambition of climate neutrality by 2050.


The Northern Lights aims to provide an industrial transport and storage solution for CO2, thus lowering the development cost and the risks involved for carbon capture projects. This is by creating a value chain with flexibility to receive carbon from anywhere in Europe, also by combining capture projects and Northern Light's transport and storage project and by investing in capacity for more than only the Norwegian capture projects.


Intermediate storage tanks maintain injection in between ship arrivals, as well as injection pumps to load carbon through a pipeline. After the carbon leaves the onshore facilities it travels 110km through a pipeline out to the sea and into the Aurora reservoir. Here the carbon moves through a subsea injection system and into the injection about 2600 meters below the seabed where it is permanently stored.



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