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iBiNs - Intelligent Recycling

GreenPak Coop is a not-for-profit Producer Responsibility Organisation that organises the separation, collection and recycling of post-consumer packaging waste using different methods in Malta. After replacing traditional bins, public usage increased by 39%, resulting in a 24% increase in quantity of waste collected, about 22% reduction in unnecessary collection trips, saving some 21500 litres of fuel and reducing traffic movements and vehicle emissions.


The co-mingling of plastic, paper, light board and metals cans in the same garbage bag presents operational difficulties when the waste is later sorted in a facility. Curbside collections also contributed to polluted and congested roads, pests and noise in narrow roads and city centres. Furthermore, the co-mingled waste collections are difficult to recycle, resulting in low-quality recycled products.


GreenPak operates a network of recycling points in spaces where the public finds a set of colour-coded large waste bins for disposing plastic, metal, paper and glass packaging waste. The technology incorporated in the iBiNs project provides accurate information to the public as to where the closest iBiN is located. Anyone with a smart-phone is able to use the web-app as it includes an inbuilt Google Maps feature. This is an environmentally better service as waste is separated by material and creates less traffic.


A network of 800 intelligent recycling bins (iBiNs) feeds vital information into a Management System to schedule the routes of the waste collection trucks. An add-on AI module predicts when the iBiNs needs to be emptied, even when it is temporarily off-line. A web-application ( informs the public of the nearest iBiN location and it runs on any portable device with an internet and GPS connection.



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