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Futurepreneurs is an international entrepreneurship development programme focusing on business sustainability with an aim of raising a new generation of conscious and responsible entrepreneurs. This initiative motivates young people especially with opportunities to engage into generating sustainable and impactful business ideas, teamwork and learning opportunities along with successful business mentors. Within four years, 560 people participated in the Futurepreneurs, 59 innovative business solutions were created and presented by the participants.


Lithuania's economy is characterised by a low level of innovation. As assessed by the EU Innovation Scorecard, the country performs below average, falling into the moderate-innovators group. Reaching out for the growth of the economy and balancing limited resources required implementation of fundamental changes in the value chain, ranging from product design and manufacturing processes to new business models and consumer habits.


One of the most successful ways for countries to involve their societies in addressing sustainability is through entrepreneurship activities. Various initiatives exist that spread awareness and encourage people to come up with innovative products and sustainable business models. Many of these initiatives are youth-focused, recognising that young people are important for environmental concerns and responsibilities.


Participants receive mentorship, education and skill development while working on their business solutions. The program includes open lectures on business starting basics, hands-on workshops, individual mentorship sessions with business professionals and an opportunity to pitch in front of potential investors. In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, Futurepreneurs 2020 was adjusted to be conducted as an online programme, making it accessible for far more people.



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