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Light Up Our Future

The Light Up Our Future project was aimed at bringing affordable and sustainable energy to community dwellers through renewable electricity. The project was implemented by Plan International Liberia with funding from the European Union and contributed to the priorities of the National Energy Policy (NEP). The project provided the first ever opportunity for the 5 targeted community in Lofa to benefit from electricity.


The lack of energy infrastructure development since the end of the fourteen-year civil war was identified by the Liberian government as a key limiting factor the country’s economic growth. Many households use solid fuels like wood, charcoal and open fire for cooking and heating with serious health implications. Without a reliable electricity source, health services remained poor, many schools and homes have limited access to light and are plunged into darkness at the end of the day, leaving students and adults with less time to study and work.


Renewable energy is critical for economic activity, for health, for education security in rural areas in Liberia. The Light Up Our Future Project provides one of the best solutions to support the Government of Liberia's ambition of ‘Small Light Today, Big Light Tomorrow’ which led to the drafting of the Rural Energy Strategy and Master Plan for Liberia.


Plan International Liberia installed 5 mini-grids in 5 rural isolated communities of Lofa County, currently producing 96.72 Kilowatts of power per month with 538 households connected to the mini-grids, including 45 small businesses. Using solar energy in the five communities is helping Liberia and the world at large on the journey to zero carbon and meeting those significant climate change goals.



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