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Light Every Birth

The Liberian ministry of health and a few NGOs are partners of the Light Every Birth - solar power for childbirth campaign. Through this project, the ministry managed to achieve a full-country coverage, reaching 430 health facilities in need of reliable lighting and power. Thousands of midwives and doctors have successfully provided lifesaving care to 3.9 million mothers and new-born babies, using solar suitcases that offer medical lighting, phone charging and electronic foetal monitoring.


Many women from developing countries die whilst giving birth due to poor lighting or no access to electricity. Midwives and doctors struggle to provide lifesaving care in health centres lacking electricity. In 2013, the World Health Organisation warned that only 28% of health facilities have reliable electricity in Sub-Saharan Africa. Some health centres rely on substandard and hazardous sources of light such as kerosene lanterns and candles that offer poor lighting for medical procedures and emit smoke with dangerous health effects.


To solve the issue of poor health care due to lack of electricity, the Light Every Birth - solar power for childbirth campaign invented a solar suitcase that offers medical lighting, phone charging, electronic foetal monitoring, and 12 VDC power, enabling health workers to provide immediate and effective maternal as well as new-born care. The lighting solution enables the doctors and midwives to have successful deliveries and save lives in the process.


In developing countries, We Care Solar is the only organisation deploying solar electric systems specifically for maternal health facilities. Their technological innovations have helped them to address the challenge of bringing sustainable renewable energy programmes to remote health centres in countries with a challenging infrastructure. We Care Solar is committed to local empowerment, capacity-building and health care strengthening.


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