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Combined wave/solar power system

Eco Wave Power (EWP) developed a new combined solar and wave energy solution for generating zero-emission electricity. Its patented floaters are used to generate electricity from ocean and sea waves while their upper surface produces electricity from the sun. The combined solution allows the harvest of energy from both solar and wave sources and the increase of the energy production without increasing the system size and land space requirement.


Renewable energy is a key element in the mitigation of pollution and prevention of climate change. According to the World Energy Council, wave energy can provide TWICE the amount of electricity that the world produces now. Many cities around the world are densely populated and cannot devote extensive land spaces for implementing solar farms and windmills. However, in cities such as Tel-Aviv Jaffa, both wave and solar energy sources are largely available, and the combination of the two sources of renewable energy will help save land space while generating clean electricity.


The company has started testing the combined system in the Port of Jaffa. Upon successful test results, the solar panels will be installed on all floaters in their station in Jaffa. After that, the possibility of installing this new system also in Gibraltar and future sites will be reviewed. This solution induces a significant decrease in the pollution rates that are caused by energy generation from traditional energy sources.


The system comprises unique floaters with solar panels on its surface which are attached to pre-existing man-made structures such as breakwaters, piers, and jetties. With the help of this technology, clean, emission-free and cost-effective electricity is effectively generated from a mix of renewable energy resources. Furthermore, EWP’s innovative technology is specifically suitable for the implementation in coastal cities such as Tel Aviv-Jaffa because it occupies very little land space.


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