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10Power: Renewable Energy Access in Haiti

10Power works with local partners to build renewable energy economies in markets lacking electricity in Haiti. The organisation provides project development services and finances for commercial-scale solar installations and portable water for communities in dire need . This is key to improving quality of life around the globe. To date, 10Power has successfully provided solar and energy storage to water purification centers that provide clean drinking water to communities and schools in Haiti.


In Haiti, more than 70% of the population has no access to grid electricity. Similar to many markets lacking electricity, businesses in Haiti rely on diesel generators because the utility is non-existent or unreliable. Haiti has been experiencing civil unrest sparked by the shortage of fossil fuel in the country. Previously,under the Petrocaribe agreement, Haiti and other Caribbean nations were receiving heavily subsidised fuel from Venezuela. However, with the collapse of Venezuela’s economy, the Haitian Government has been failing to provide adequate fuel as before causing exacerbated civil unrest.


10Power is creating a path for a regenerative future that leverages renewable energy to provide clean drinking water, empowers communities, and creates a path to planetary prosperity. 10Power has also provided solar to UNICEF Haiti's Headquarters, the largest solar installation on any UNICEF base in the world to date and the first with renewable generation and storage capacity capable of powering all operations. 10Powe is also launching an innovative financial instrument, a Renewable Energy Access Donor Advised Fund, which will enable philanthropic capital to underwrite solar loans in risky markets.


Unlike most energy access companies that are focused on small-scale solar systems, 10Power is providing reliable electricity that powers large-scale commercial businesses,thereby, helping to create local jobs and power economic growth. The organisation also provide solar loans to businesses that relied on diesel generators as a way of enabling them to return yields to investors as well as reinvesting in further solar projects. 10Power uniquely uses a market-based approach to livelihood improvement through prosperity generation. By supplying renewable energy that is more reliable and affordable than the status quo, the organisation enables its commercial/industrial scale customers to grow their operations and create more employment opportunities.


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