Galp Foundation in partnership with European Union, UCCLA (Union of Portuguese Language Capitals Cities), Guinean Government and the Municipality of Bissau

With the Project:

The Fumukaba project is replacing charcoal and firewood with butane gas meant for cooking in rural households of Guinea-Bissau. The energy transition from fossil fuels to sustainable sources of energy is promoted in a way of encouraging communities to adopt cleaner energy solutions. Families in need are supplied with a kit composed of a cookstove, butane gas and a butane bottle. The beneficiaries pay a small amount which is refundable after a few years upon meeting the stipulated requirements.


About 95% of the population living in Guinea-Bissau use firewood and charcoal for cooking and other energy needs due to their lack of access to grid electricity. Because of their poor financial conditions, both in urban centres and in rural areas, people overuse polluting fuels to prepare food, which has a major negative impact on health and on the environment.


The Fumukaba project promotes the replacement of charcoal and firewood with butane gas for the preparation of food. More than 25,000 households will be reached by the completion of the project (about 50% of families residing in the region). Fumukaba was born with the aim of promoting the energy transition and encouraging the community to adopt cleaner energy solutions, in particular in the outskirts where families with little economic power live and where charcoal prices are highest.


Although butane gas has many advantages compared to wood fuel, many families cannot afford the initial investment to obtain the stove, accessories, gas cylinder and the first gas load. As this is the biggest barrier to adopting this type of energy, families will be offered a full kit consisting of a stove, a burner and a 6 kg cylinder of butane gas, leaving them with just the cost of the cylinder deposit which they can pay later upon returning the cylinder.


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