Nodar Kevkhishvili

With the Project:
Zero Emission Fluidized Bed Combustion Device

After the hard work, Zero-Emission Fluidized Bed combustion device was invented by professor Nodar Kevkhishvili and his team in the High-Temperature Thermal Physics Scientific Center. This technology aims at a significant reduction of Carbon through the replacement of local coal and expensive imported natural gas in Georgia. This combustion device is environmentally friendly and at the same time ensures the energy security of the country.


The main concern was the global situation in terms of GHG emissions and the task facing the scientific society to create the technology which significantly reduces harmful emissions. The disadvantage of the recently existing combustion devices was that it was impossible to avoid the formation of stagnant zones in the reaction chamber while the creating Fluidized Bed. This problem caused overheating of the bed, pasting of slag and disruption of the combustion process.


Georgian National Energy Policy and National Renewable Energy Action Plan aimed to encourage utilisation of local renewable energy sources and one of the policy measures of Georgian National Development Strategy is to develop biomass utilisation. Besides, Gradual approximation and later harmonization of Georgian legislative and regulatory framework with the EU’s Energy Acquis means to become environment friendly, improve energy efficiency level and reduce GHG through introducing new technologies as is Fluidized Bed technology which is used and presented to Energy Globe Award.


The patent for this invention was issued by the National Center of Intellectual Property of Georgia (P 2868, 20.03.2018). The combustion device with 3 MW heat power was assembled and started testing in 2018. Testing was conducted according to Professor M.Ravich methodology. The device designed ensures the most effective combustion with 97% efficiency and enables to combust different type of thin fraction solid fuels which was impossible by recently existing devices



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