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Energy Efficiency – China Mobile Data Center

The China Mobile Data Centre in the Zhengzhou Experimental Comprehensive Zone is the largest communication, production and information service base of China Mobile in the region of Zhongyuan. On an area of more than 207,000 m2, there are six server room buildings, three power centres, two support and maintenance centres and two IoT (Internet of Things) Centres. The Austrian specialist in energy efficiency Loytec in cooperation with the Chinese partner Delta Greentech has created a showcase in the field of energy efficient control systems.


With more than 16,900 server racks containing 150,000 servers, a huge processing power is available which will be able to meet the information demand of the province of Henan well into the year 2030. In addition to the cloud computing services, the data centre has been researching a variety of green technologies for environmental protection. The Loytec building management system offers a series of open interfaces for the connection and monitoring of several devices in real time and therefore allows for significant energy savings. In order to reach the goal of energy savings of 22.5% by means of energy management, the data centre wanted to implement a building automation system from Loytec.


Based on the actual demand, the operation of the refrigeration unit is adjusted automatically: the required cooling load for the air conditioning within the building is calculated automatically and the ideal number of operated cooling units and active cooling towers is chosen, based on the specific energy saving settings of the operator. This data centre is an environmental friendly showcase in China. Since its amortisation period is economically viable, this solution is suitable to encourage the idea of environment protection in the country.


Devices can be coordinated in a smart way for the best equipment protection. Several cooling units can be operated based on the run times of the units with a defined start and stop sequence, which leads to the ideal workload and operation mode of the units. When one pump fails, a standby pump starts automatically and maintains the cooling supply. These energy-efficient devices can be used in all large buildings like offices, schools, hotels, hospitals, airports or malls worldwide.


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