Cape Verde

BERNT LORENTZ GmbH, executing partner: GTEK Lda., Praia, Cape Verde

With the Project:
Drinking water for Cape Verde

The project involves the installation of a fully automated solar pumping system with WiFi communication between the stations and headquarters. Full integration to the clients’ system was established, allowing remote monitoring and control. The solar pump supplies water to the local community in Fogo Island for approximately 4,000 people.


Water is a scarce resource in Cape Verde since the country is situated in the sub-Saharan region and receives little rain during a few months only. Groundwater is available in depths mostly over 100 m and pumped through deep wells. This process of obtaining water is energy-intensive and generates high electricity costs. Most of the country’s electricity is generated by means of heavy fuel and diesel generators, thereby making the costs high while increasing its carbon footprint.


The team involved designed a pure solar pumping station to serve at a deep well of 132 m depth. Water is pumped by a unique pump powered by a solar generator of 40 kWp to a steel reservoir in about 1,500 m distance. The pump could serve with a maximum of 40 m³/h but the well allows only a maximum of 25 m³/h. However, the sophisticated pump controller allows the programming of these limitations and many other parameters.


The remote sensing of the technology can be connected to any Android mobile phone via Bluetooth connection. With this installation, the team can collect up to 180 m³ of water a day, used to supply the inhabitants of Sao Filipe, the capital of Fogo island with drinking water. With a Lorentz power supply unit installed, the team can also extend the utilisation time above the sun hours and reach a higher water output if the demand increases.



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