Eco Panplas

With the Project:
Contamined Plastic Packaging Recycling without using water and without waste generation

ECO PANPLAS is a start-up that recycles plastic without using water, without producing waste and that generates a high quality recycled plastic raw material. The company's main objective in the oil lubricating packaging recycling chain is to solve problems concerning plastic pollution and preservation of natural resources, especially water resources. The company has already processed 10 million oil packages, recovered and sold about 500 tons of recycled plastic and recovered about 17 thousand litres of oil, generating both social and environmental benefits.


About 1 billion plastic bottles are discarded by manufacturers of lubricating oil every year in Brazil. Of this volume, only 9% is recycled using water, which creates low quality recycled raw material and hazardous waste. When burned or incinerated, the plastic releases toxic gases such as nitrogen dioxide and sulphur dioxide which are harmful to human health. The population grew tired of plastic packaging and oil contamination drained into the rivers and soil. This affected the air quality, water supply systems and human health.


ECO PANPLAS developed an innovative and efficient production system composed of equipment and processes. It was granted a patent by the government to create an innovation to completely separate oil from ground plastic and label it in an ecological way. Due to the company's teamwork and experience, the results were possible to achieve short and long term goals like reaching 6 production plants by the year 2025 only in Brazil.


The technology was developed in Brazil by ECO PANPLAS in 2014. This took a period of 3 years to reach economic, environmental, financial and technical feasibility. The company uses an ecological degreaser to totally dissolve the oil from ground packaging, leaving the plastic clean. The company buys the packaging from environmental companies that collect it from gas stations, workshops and dealerships. These sell the oil to the re-refining industry and the recycled plastic is sold to the packaging industry. A new packaging from oil is manufactured without using virgin material, reducing the cost of production by 10%.



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