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Water Sector Resilience Nexus for Sustainability in Barbados (WSRN – S Barbados) Project

The WSRN S-Barbados project ensures that a robust project is implemented addressing the current needs of Barbados in the water sector, specifically focusing on the Water-Energy Nexus. The major outcomes of the project are to positively contribute to the increased supply, distribution, quality, availability, access, and utilization of water through efficient processes with an aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through the incorporation of renewable energy technologies.


Barbados has seen the effects of climate change during one of the most severe droughts which caused drastic drops in groundwater levels in the West Coast wells of Barbados, resulting in reduction of water production. The 2015 drought highlighted the vulnerability of Barbados’ coastal aquifers to the potential impact of Climate Change and effects caused by sea level rise which leads to salt water intrusion.


Installing PV systems with backup natural gas microturbines at selected pumping stations make those pumping stations independent to power outages, which negatively impact the distribution of water due to reduced pumping capacity. Therefore, in the event of a power failure, either island-wide or site specific, the energy needs of the selected pumping stations will not be affected; hence water production and distribution will remain intact for most of the island.


The design is such that once there is a power failure on the utility grid, the PV systems and the microturbines or generators will automatically switch on, therefore allowing for a continuous supply of water to these highly populated areas. As battery technology becomes more reliable and affordable, more battery backup provision will be relied on to ensure the continued advancement of resilience at pumping stations across Barbados.



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