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Crop Residue Management - #EndTheBurn to eliminate paddy crop stubble burning



In India, but also in other parts of the world, the stubble fields are burned after the rice harvest. This affects soil quality as nutrients and microbes die off. In India alone, 5.7 million hectares are concerned. Quite apart from that, huge amounts of CO2 are released when these fields are burned without benefit. Nurture Farm from India has now found an alternative solution that protects our environment. With the help of a bio enzyme, which is applied to the surface, burning can be avoided. In cooperation with the Agriculture Research Institute, this new type of cultivation is now being made public and the advantages for the environment and for the farmer are being pointed out. In this way, the enzyme starts a decomposition process that enables a new sowing after just 8 days. Around 26,000 farmers with 500,000 hectares of fields are already using this environmentally friendly method.