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Energy Globe World Award 2015 - Special Prize

Green Building and Best Practice Sustainability

Project: Mega Pars - Iran

Applicant :  Aria Omran Pars Plan and development Co.

At the center of Tehran lies the body of a concrete structure that calls the attention of any pedestrian.

MegaPars, The first green mall of the Land of Persia manifests a high degree of sustainability in various aspects that makes it a distinguished project in the whole area.

Intertwined with Nature

Without the correct elements from nature, even the greatest architects cannot bring to life their designs simply from putting together concrete, glass, and metal.

Nature has always been a guiding force behind the fascination humans have with their environments, and no better landmarks than a gigantic sparkling waterfall (24x11m) or mesmerizing natural curves of the 1 hectar green roof filled with herbal bushes and trees up to 4.5  meter height with the extra 10000 sqm landscape are examples of this combination with nature, that transfers MegaPars to a green spot in the city.


How to address water shortage

A big portion of water in MegaPars is used for irrigation of the of the plants via high tech controlling devices to achieve more efficiency powered by increasing the soil quality using super absorbents for preservation of moist are some means to reduce the water consumption.

Recycling the gray swage of nearby towers added with collecting the rain water of the surrounding area with a suitable drainage system helps with increasing the sustainable water sources of the project.

Dry toilet, auto spout valves, recycling equipment for waterfall are other technics to manage the water consumption and production of the project.


MegaPars respects energy

Locating in an oil rich country where energy price is far less than the rest of the world, was the main obstacle on the path of being green for MegaPars. Therefore this building is a revolutionary pioneer in Iran for saving energy that will bring significant social and urban changes in the capital.

An integrated total solution  BMS program  with more than 8000 controlling points that diminishes the energy consumption up to 35% powered by high efficiency HVAC equipments, low-e glass curtain wall with the minimum U-value and SHGC values accompanied by the green roof blanket as an effective thermal proof are only some of energy saving strategies.

Above all is the detailed energy metering system of the project that helps the tenants to pay exactly according to their real consumption and therefore motivates them culturally to consume as low as possible.


Help the polluted metropolitan to breath

MegaPars is equipped with a complete PMS and PGS program in its 3000 parking lot area in order to reduce the driving time of the vehicles by 30% and avoiding air pollution while at the same time the 20000 sqm herbal landscape of the project improves the freshness of the air.


A social experience for all Iranian families

More than any other factor of the Mega Pars complex, it is a destination that satisfies the needs of all members of all Iranian families which seldom have witnessed such an experience in the country suffering from war, sanction, terrorism and etc. The elderly have the green roof to spend time on for a moment solitude while the grandkids have the amusement park to have fun in. Youth have the choice of going to the built-in 7 cinemas, play bowling or billiards, or enjoying time with their friends at the luxurious clubs where sport activities are available. Parents can do their daily shopping at the hypermarket, brand name fashion shops and media centers. Lastly, the whole family can get together to spend the afternoon or weekend at one of three coffee shops for a light snack or have dinner at one of five exceptional restaurants where each possesses a unique taste.


Numbers Talk…

Mega Pars is located on a plot of 27,000Sqm with a construction area of 215,000Sqm and is without a doubt at the leading edge of what is considered to be the modern shopping experience. Of the 215,000 Sqm, only 31% of this is rental space for tenants, with the rest being open to and completely dedicated to the betterment of the experience at Mega Pars. Reliable access to three separate subway lines and a 3000 unit parking lot with 22 entrances are all designed to account for a nation with a population of 12 million. Moreover, Mega Pars will house 580 brand stores, several key anchor stores, an 8,000 Sqm hypermarket, a 4,000 Sqm media center, 44 escalators, 27 elevators, and a state-of-the-art BMS system for controlling Iran’s first green-mall via more than 8,000 controlling points.



To sum up, the Mega Pars complex will stand as a revolution in what is considered a shopping mall. With amenities rivaling even the greatest of international shopping centers, Mega Pars is considered by many a testament towards what is capable when nature and architecture come together to push commercial design to the next level. For many, this building stands as a symbol of tourism and the new go-to address in the capital of the great Persian homeland.