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The whole program is distributed world-wide via livestream and shown in sustainable cities and universities on large screens.

Tuesday 12th November

Presenter of the conference: Prof. Taina Tukiainen


  • 14:00
    Gunvor Kronman (Finland)

    CEO Hanaholmen
    “Welcome to Hanasaari”

  • 14:05
    Jukka Mäkelä (Finland)

    Mayor of Espoo

  • 14:10
    Prof. Mohan Munasinghe (Sri Lanka)

    Former Vice-Chair of IPCC; Nobel-prize winner 2007
    “The true ecological situation of our world”

  • 14:30
    Tytti Tuppurainen (Finland)

    Minister for European Affairs
    “Fighting against the climate change with sustainable solutions”


  • 14:50
    Walter Leiss (Austria)

    General Secretary of Austrian Association of Municipalities
    “The important role of municipalities in communication of sustainability for everybody”

    Bernd Strobl (Austria)

    Austrian Association of Municipalities
    “A whole municipality gets sustainable by using innovations”

  • 15:05
    Best Practice Solutions from all over the world

    Short video “Best Sustainable practice from Espoo”
    Iran Majid Saraidarian, ISGM
    “The Iranian Society for Green Management connects entrepreneurs in sustainable acting”
    MOLDOVA Alexandr Iscenco
    CEO, Moldovan Environmental Governance Academy
    “MEGA Game: Connecting people for a Sustainable Future”
    Video feed from Ho Chi Minh City / Vietnam à 3 min
    GERMANY Philipp Tirmann
    ProSieben Sat.1 Plus4
    “Sustainable communication, global, national, local”
    AUSTRIA Mark Perry
    Newspaper Kronen Zeitung
    “Sustainable Motivation for millions of people”
    Video feed from New Delhi / India à 3 min
    TANZANIA Albin Mathias Fiita
    Director, Potential Enhancement Foundation
    “Educating through Technology”

  • 16:15
    Coffee break


  • 16:40
    Markku Markkula
    Chair of Espoo City Board,
    First Vice-President EU COR
    “Successful Sustainable Solutions for everybody”
  • 16:55
    Jennette Arnold

    Chair of the London Assembly
    “Successful implementation of sustainability by politicans, entrepreneurs and consumers”

  • 17:10
    Paul Rübig

    President of SME Global
    “Clean Water, the base for live and health”

  • 17:20
    Best Practice Solutions from all over the world

    Short video “Best Sustainable practice from Espoo”
    GREECE Mantalena Gerasimou
    Managing director, ITA Group of Companies
    “Desalination of seawater by using wind power”
    MOROCCO Dr. Aissa Derhem
    President, NGO Dar Si Hmad for Development, Education and Culture
    “Drinking the clouds”
    Video feed from Johannesburg / South Africa à 3 min
    PAKISTAN Abdul Khurshid
    President, Association for Humanitarian Development
    “Access to safe and clean drinking water by using new filter systems”
    PHILIPPINES Auke Idzenga
    CEO, Alternative Indigenous Development Foundation
    “The AIDFI Hydram, pumping drinking and irrigation water”
    Video feed from Moscow / Russia à 3 min
    AUSTRIA Simon Jabornig
    SFC Umwelttechnik Ltd.
    “Health Water without medical and chemical contents”
    FINLAND Dr. Laura Höijer
    Content Director, Baltic Sea Action Group
    “Baltic Sea Protection”

  • 18:30
    Summary and discussion
  • 18:45
    End and dinner for the guests of honor

Wednesday 13th November


  • 09:30
    Minister Maneka Gandhi (India)

    “Clean energy, the base for successful economic development and quality of life”

  • 09:45
    Anders Wijkman

    Honorary president of Club of Rome
    “Circular economy the base for sustainability”

  • 10:00
    Henrik Ehrnrooth

    Chairman of the Board of Climate Leadership Coalition
    “The importance of sustainability as successful business case”

  • 10:20
    Jukka Luukkanen

    Head of Helsinki Office, European Investment Bank
    “The Importance of financing Circular Economy”

  • 10:35
    Best Practice Solutions from all over the world

    Short video “Best Sustainable practice from Espoo”
    ESTONIA Merili Vares
    Executive director, Let's Do It Foundation
    “World Cleanup Day. Let us clean our world together”
    COLOMBIA Alvaro de Jesus Vasquez Osorio
    CEO, Bioestibas SAS
    “Agglomerating Future, using tons of agriculture waste”
    Video feed from Los Angeles / USA à 3 min
    MEXICO Bárbara Estefanía Arteaga Ballesteros
    CEO, Ecoplaso
    “Ecoplaso, the bio degradable alternative”
    CZECH REPUBLIC Nesně s.r.o.
    “Sustainable Usage of Food”
    FINLAND Juha Lipsanen
    Director of Waste Management Helsinki Region Environmental Services - HSY
    “Societal solutions for waste management”
    Video feed from Austria (Greiner) à 3 min
    LETTLAND Christian Edler
    “House Isolation with recycled materials”
    AUSTRIA Peter Stöckler
    Energie AG, Austria
    “Waste, a useful resource through sustainable handling and recycling”

  • 11:50
    Summary and discussion
  • 12:00
    Lunch for guests


  • 13:30
    Tareq Emtairah

    UNIDO, Director of Energy Department
    “The Clean Energy Transition and the growing business opportunities for innovators and entrepreneurs from developing countries”

  • 13:45
    Professor Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker (video feed)

    Honorary president of Club of Rome

  • 13:50
    Ms Ulrike Rabmer-Koller

    President SMEunited /Vice-President Austrian Federal Economic Chamber
    “SMEs are key for sustainability”

  • 14:05
    Martin Zaklasnik

    CEO of E.ON Česká republika
    “Business and sustainability (falling) in love”

  • 14:25
    Best Practice Solutions from all over the world

    Short video “Best Sustainable practice from Espoo”
    CHILE María José López Arancibia
    Corporate Communication Manager, Cerro Dominador
    “Thermal solar plant Cerro Dominador”
    UNITED KINGDOM Richard John Harrington
    Engineering director, Go-Ahead London
    “The Waterloo Revolution”
    Video feed from Santiago / Chile à 3 min
    INDONESIA Fendi Gunawan Liem
    Managing director, PT Selaras Daya Utama
    “Solar Power Solutions for the Poorest”
    SWEDEN Erik Rylander
    Head of Stockholm Data Parks, Stockholm Exergi
    “Stockholm Data Parks, show optimized heat recovery”
    Video feed from Kuala Lumpur / Malaysia à 3 min
    FINLAND Group of Finnish companies: Fortum, ST1, Neste, HSY
    “Geothermal Energy for the district heating of Espoo and Renewable Fuels for sustainable transportation.”
    AUSTRIA Fronius
    “Hydrogen produced by Solar in a filling station”

  • 15:35
    Summary and discussion
  • 16:00
    Prof. Ilkka Niemelä

    President of Aalto University
    “Sustainability at Universities”

  • 16:05
    Circular Economy
    Keynote of president Christoph Leitl, Global Chamber
  • 16:10
    Signing a declaration of intent for promoting and implementing “Circular Economy” by Global Chamber, Energy Globe Foundation, Club of Rome and UNIDO
  • 16:20
    Slideshow "Circular Economy"

    presenting the

    National Energy Globe Winners 2019
    and other outstanding sustainable products and projects

  • 16:25
    Coffee break

20th Energy Globe World Award

  • 18:00
    The Energy Globe World Award Ceremony


    Presenter of the Energy Globe World Award: Arabella Kiesbauer

    Welcome speech from Indian Minister Maneka Gandhi
    Awarding in the categories:
    • EARTH
    • FIRE
    • WATER
    • AIR
    • YOUTH
    Awarding of Personalities and Organizations with the Medal of Honor

All information provided shall be subject to possible change.
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