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Energy Globe World Awards 2018

Finalist in the category Youth

Solar 4 Girls Naija Summer Program
Submitted by:
Office of the Wife of Ondo State Governor, Nigeria in collaboration with Ashdam Solar Initiative

Solar 4 Girls Naija is a solar summer training project for young girls in Nigeria. The project aims to bridge the gender gap in the renewable energy sector by training senior secondary school girls between the ages of 13 to 18, from different communities in Nigeria, about climate change and solar energy. The activities of the Solar 4 Girls project help to build bold, confident, healthy, knowledgeable and independent girls that will be future energy leaders and policy makers.

Initial situation
The Nigerian society generally believes that the energy industry is for men and that women cannot excel in this industry. This makes Nigerian girls and women to shy away from the renewable energy industry and to think that they cannot comprehend the technical knowhow of the industry. Poor knowledge about climate change, the effects of fossil fuels on the environment and renewable energy makes it harder for Nigeria to change its course to a more environmentally aware country.

Solar 4 Girls Naija Summer Program is a solar summer camp for girls aged 13 to 18. Its aim is to build confident girls that are going to change the conception of the Nigerian communities about female renewable energy practitioners and bridge the gender gap in this sector. At the solar camp girls are involved in team building, entrepreneurial training, energy management training, climate change awareness, understanding green and renewable energy, installation of basic solar electricity, work shop safety, public training and activities for their health.

This project is an innovative approach to bridging the gender gap in the renewable energy sector in Nigeria. Moreover, Solar 4 Girls Naija project is more than a training on climate change awareness and renewable energy. It also involves mentoring the girls to live a healthy lifestyle, be bold and confident future policy makers and spread their knowledge in local communities, thus increasing the reach of activities.

Category Youth


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