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Energy Globe World Awards 2018

Finalist in the category Water

Rain City
Submitted by:
Suwon City Hall
Republic of South Korea

The aim of the Rain City project is to reuse rainwater that is collected and controlled through a system of rainwater penetration blocks. It is completed by ditches, gardens, and waterways, rainwater pump stations and surface sprinkling system. This project stabilizes the water supply and helps to prevent damage from flood as more water is taken up for storage.

Initial situation
Cities in the Republic of Korea continue to face water shortage due to the increase in water demand as the economic activity and population expand. The massive growth of industries and subsequent increase in urbanization has reduced surface area for infiltration of rain water, which increases the possibility of flood, creates water shortage and reduces water circulation.

To stabilize water supply and prevent damages created by floods the project Rain City was created. Its pilot project in Suwon consisted of rainwater penetration blocks, ditches, gardens, and a waterway. The second phase of the project also included a rainwater pump station and surface sprinkling system. The surface vehicle cleans the road with the rainwater, and the spinkling vehicle sprays the rainwater to control the dust level at construction sites. The is an eco-friendly method that reduces the rainwater discharge rate and nonpoint source pollution. It also helps to improve the residential environment through noise reduction, improvement of air and water quality and reduce utility costs and improves urban landscape.

Suwon is now one of the first cities with a rainwater total management system enabled by IoT technologies. The system allows to collect data and utilize it for policy making. Its innovativeness also lies in the massive inducement of civil participation through advertisement and education to establish Suwon as a water circulation leading city. The solution allows to improve atmospheric environment.

Category Water

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