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Energy Globe World Awards 2018

Special Prize

Yazd Hospital Project
Omid Yasin Hospital

In the center of Iran and in the heart of Kavir (desert), in the world heritage city of Yazd, 6th km of Yazd-Taft Highway in a pleasing green area, a place of physical and psychological soothing, there are five ferroconcrete buildings with brick wall that draw the attention of everyone.
This green hospital covers an area of 100000 square meters in the heart of the Kavir more than 40% of which covered with green plants and trees, recreational park and agricultural area while all these plants and trees need scant irrigation. The color spectrum of this landscape makes the mind of everyone to associate with a rainbow.
The main building of the hospital is about 30000 square meters with a capacity of 500 beds including different specialties, inpatient and outpatient services, emergency room, CCU, ICU, NICU.
This general hospital is neurosurgery and vertebral column surgery based with imaging facilities such as CAT scan, MRI, PET scan. Patients will be managed with the world latest therapeutic and surgical methods.
Senescence and aging is a big problem in the world and a more severe problem in Iran, so establishing the Gerontology School in this hospital to train students to be expert in elderly care could be a great step in this field. Also there are facilities such as elderly school, music therapy empowerment workshops that could help them for the sense of well being.
Gerontology School building is about 1435 square meters in three stories with modern facilities and equipment for the training of students at Master's and Bachelor's degrees.
A shopping center, which is about 500 square meters at the entrance of the hospital, is a place for exhibition and selling of patients’ hand-made products and agricultural products, beside, there would be supermarket, restaurant, and flower shop in this shopping center.

Green management Establishment of green management system in all processes including procurement, human resources, preparing food and cooking unit, cleaning and sanitation, chemical agents consumption, resources and energy, medication and many other processes, beside having more efficient and beneficial effects out of materials and energy, lead to more economic profits as well as increment of safety and health status of staff, clients, patients and nature.

Water access Kavir (desert) is a thirsty ground and water has always been the most valuable and scant nature essence. Since long time ago, Kavir survivors learned how to navigate this lucid and clean nature essence for irrigation. In this green hospital water supply would be through the Qanat which navigate water from deep underground to the ground surface. Water preservation in Kavirand prevention of water pressure decrement with smart equipment in hospital water consumption, vapor production system, water recycling system, septic pools, water purification, separation of irrigation and tap water, preservation of soil humidity by absorbents and collection of water through humidity absorbent system are all strategies applied in this project for resources sustainability.

Preserving energy in Green Hospital Establishment of a hospital in Kavir (desert) area with many long sunny days in a year make a great opportunity to make the most of solar energy. Converting the sun's rays to electricity is a cost-effective way for providing electric system of the hospital to be used for lighting and electric energy of equipment in all units and disciplines of the hospital such as operating rooms, ICU, CCU, ER, and so on. By using photothermic shields around the buildings and Kavir (desert) architectural elements, energy is preserved in indoor system and microbial agents activities are decreased. Underground canalization for the water, wastes, and electricity and also using BMS make energy more preserved and prevent water vaporization.

Co2 management in Green Hospital Underground and ground floor parkings, using electric automobile for transportation of the patients, using bicycle for staff transportation around the hospital, presence of herbal plants farm, and recreational park make the hospital environment as a place for decreased Co2.

Conclusion This green hospital has an exclusive attitude to the patients and people needs to maintain the community and the nature respectfulness by using natural elements in Kavir (desert) such as solar energy, reviving water resources, and controlling material consumption. Also by providing the best therapeutic services, we do our best for more friendship between nature and human and finally keeping the earth and people more safe.