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Energy Globe World Awards 2018

Finalist in the category Fire

Beyond Energy Neutrality – Ejby Molle Wastewater Treatment Plant
Submitted by:
VCS Denmark

In 2010, VCS adopted the goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2014. It chose Ejby Mølle wastewater treatment plant as the most promising facility to achieve this goal. By reducing energy consumption and by redirecting carbon from primary treatment to the anaerobic digestion/combined heat power system for both electrical and heat energy generation and recovery, the plant became energy self-sufficient.

Initial situation
VCS Denmark is the third largest water and wastewater utility in Denmark, serving approximately 450,000 residents. Operating for more than 160 years, the company collaborates closely with the local authorities of two municipalities to manage waste water transport and treatment. Every year, it dedicates a substantial amount of resources to its R&D program that aims at developing innovative solutions for more sustainable operations, like being energy neutral.

Back in 2010, when VCS started its way to becoming energy neutral, together with their partner CH2M, one of their facilities Ejby Mølle WWTP already had 75% energy self-sufficiency because of its biogas-driven combined heat power facilities that were producing electricity and heating for the district heating system. VCS Denmark evaluated the carbon-balance throughout the treatment processes with the objective to optimize the utilization of the received organic material, while reducing its impact to the existing biological nutrient removal process in the liquid stream. As the result of adopting sidestream and mainstream deammonification, the plant is currently generating over 150% of its energy demand.

Several innovations were leveraged as part of the successful energy optimization program at Ejby Molle WWTO, such as development and implementation of an ammonia-based aeration control for activated sludge, development and implementation of N2O probe for continuous measurement of emissions from biological nutrient removal reactors. The plant with its operations achieved many “firsts”, the first full-scale application in Scandinavia of mainsteam deammonification of biological nutrient removal system being just one of them.

Category Fire

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