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Energy Globe World Awards 2018

Finalist in the category Air

Village Base Customer Acquisition Program
Submitted by:
Rahimafrooz Renewable Energy Limited

Since April 2017 Rahimafrooz Renewable Energy (RRE) has been implementing the Village Base Customer Acquisition (VBCA) project to solarize Bangladesh. The project includes a new business model for encouraging and training young people to become entrepreneurs, connecting them to financing through an online mobile apps base 3E SMART platform and potential unbanked customers who can and want to purchase company’s product innovations, such as solar TV & solar fan.

Initial situation
The access to energy is a huge problem for the people in Bangladesh. To solve this problem in a sustainable way, Rahimafrooz Renewable Energy (RRE) tries to solarize Bangladesh. However, the company and its partner Rural Services Foundation (RSF) has struggled to manage employees and customers in remote areas, while growing their business. The major challenges were to collect monthly fees from the customers, sell solar products and retain field employees.

RRE decided to transform employees to green entrepreneurs through an innovative entrepreneurship program. The aim of the Village Base Customer Acquisition program was to boost the growth of the solar market of Bangladesh. This was done by training young female and male entrepeneurs and connecting them to working capital financial services on an online platform. This helped them to deliver the best solar products and solutions for rural homes. Furthermore, agent banking allowed to check the creditworthiness of over 6,000 unbanked people and create bank accounts for them. This, in turn allowed them to purchase the innovative solar products like solar home systems, solar TV, solar fan, LED lights and many others.

In this project, RRE has been applying innovative business model and technologies. The innovation aspect of the project includes the Uddakta (young entrepreneurship) business model, mobile apps base 3E SMART Platform, digital working capital financing instrument, agent banking service for assessing potential clients without credit history, and company’s product innovations, such as, solar TV & solar man and many others.

Category Air

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  • Project: Village Base Customer Acquisition Program
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