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Energy Globe World Award 2019

Winner in the category Youth

MEGA Game: Connecting People for a Sustainable Future
Submitted by:
Moldovan Environmental Governance Academy (MEGA)
Republic of Moldova

MEGA Game is a map-based project management tool with elements of gamification and e-learning designed for environmental organizations and Green Tech companies. This platform helps them to manage environmental projects and fieldwork collaboratively within a global community. Since 2015, the MEGA Game enabled 17 environmental organizations from Europe, Asia, and the US that have used the platform to implement 30 environmental and educational projects.

Initial situation
In Moldova, there are many environmental projects organized by NGOs. The majority of them are focused on raising awareness and educating the youth about existing environmental problems, elaborating policy proposals, cleaning up and recycling waste, and planting trees. For these activities, the NGOs altogether spend approximately 500,000 EUR of grant money per year. Unfortunately, in spite of all this grant support and multiple projects and campaigns, the scientific data on practically all aspects of the natural environment in Moldova show a continuous decline.

The aim of this project management tool was to address organizational internal issues by engaging youth into MEGA projects and in reporting on the projects’ results and impact to stakeholders. To alleviate these „pains“, in 2013, the MEGA team initiated the first „experiments“ in using maps and gamification to engage youth into nature conservation, to coordinate the fieldwork of volunteers, and to make the „fruits“ of their work visible to project partners. The long-term vision was that volunteers registered in MEGA Game would be able to engage with organizations’ projects posted on the platform.

The MEGA Game platform allows environmental organizations (called Mission Providers) to connect with volunteers (called Green Agents) and other NGOs, engage and educate them on various environmental topics, research existing environmental issues, manage their projects, monitor progress, display positive impact achieved, and report to stakeholders. All of this is done in a collaborative space and in a fun, engaging, and motivating way due to elements of gamification integrated into the platform.

Category Youth

  • Project: Himalayan Environmental Rhythms Observation and Evaluation System (HEROES)
    Applicant: UWICER
    Country: Bhutan

  • Project: MEGA Game: Connecting People for a Sustainable Future
    Applicant: Moldovan Environmental Governance Academy (MEGA)
    Country: Republic of Moldova

  • Project: Educating through Technology (Raspberry PI Computer Labs)
    Applicant: Potential Enhancement Foundation
    Country: United Republic of Tanzania