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Energy Globe World Award 2019

Finalist in the category Water

The AIDFI Hydram pumping drinking and irrigation water uphill through a holistic approach
Submitted by:
Alternative Indigenous Development Foundation, Inc. (AIDFI)

The Hydram is an automatic device which pumps 24/7 an increased amount of water (up to ten times compared to what is carried manually) from lower situated sources to higher elevated waterless communities and farms using hydropower (energy contained in falling water). For farms, the Hydram provides irrigation water at no operational cost and can help a crop to survive sudden dry periods caused by climate change, add a crop or help a farmer diversify.

Initial situation
In the Philippines, half of the land is mountainous. 20 million Filipinos are living in these mountainous areas of which 10 million are engaged in agriculture. Local problems are erosion, lacking irrigation, low productivity and migration to cities and slums. Irrigation is absent because the motorized pumps need expensive fuel and the cost of transporting this fuel to the mountains is high.

The Hydram is a device which can pump water from low areas to higher areas. The main objective of the Hydram program is to bring water around the clock closer to the houses and farms of the beneficiaries and by these means improve or rather completely change their lives. Through the formation of water associations and training of local technicians these systems are sustainable and the beneficiaries proud and empowered.

The pump was developed as a crossbreed model between oversized expensive imported models and the inferior DIY models. The result is a perfectly working model based on locally available materials and spare parts. It only costs 10% of the costs of imported units with the same capacity and efficiency. In a later step, a miniature model was developed which became the smallest ram pump in the world with all parts fitting in a camera box and which has been used in demos to demystify the technology in many countries.

Category Water

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