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Energy Globe World Award 2019

Finalist in the category Water

Access to safe and clean Drinking Water via AHD Nadi Filter
Submitted by:
Association for Humanitarian Development (AHD)

8,000 direct beneficiaries now have access to safe and clean drinking water at their door step. Their health and quality of life has been improved since the introduction of filters which leave dirty water clean. The project helps to eradicate endemic poverty, strengthen communities‘ resilience and expand socio-economic development options of the local population.

Initial situation
The rural areas of Sindh Pakistan communities had to use contaminated canal water for drinking purposes. About 70% of the rural communities in Pakistan are still drinking contaminated water. The health of small children and mothers was often affected since they had to rely on dirty water. The majority of the population of both districts had only limited access to safe drinking water and sanitation services.

The AHD Nadi Filter Unit is a cheap and reliable source of safe water which has contributed to the provision of safe drinking water to the community. Local villagers now have an opportunity to access facilities of safe and clean drinking water through this project. This community based solution model helps the communities and villagers by protecting them from water borne and stomach diseases, eliminating up to 99% of the bacteria and viruses in water, removing biological contamination from the water and improving the water quality.

The AHD Nadi filter innovation is made from locally sourced material available in the rural areas and communities around the town. The positive and sustainable impacts of the filter can be seen in the communities of Sindh and Pakistan. The local communities promote the use of this technology at household level.

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