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Energy Globe World Award 2019

Finalist in the category Earth

Submitted by:

Ecoplaso is intended as a biodegradable alternative to the disposable plastic products with little or zero degradability that are used daily. Organic wastes like fruit peel and bagasse from the food industry are collected and reused. The bio-plastic is being produced in sheets and pellets as the final products. Currently, 3D printing filaments are also developed. The final products are 100% biodegradable with a degradation rate of 100-200 days and also compostable.

Initial situation
In Mexico, 34% of the food that is produced are lost or wasted. That equals approximately 20.5 million tons each year which results in great environmental, economic and social impacts. On the other hand, plastic pollution is one of the primary environmental threats to our planet. In the US for example, less than 8% of post-consumer plastic are recycled.

Ecoplaso is dedicated to transform fruits and vegetable peels and organic scraps into bioplastic that can replace petroleum based plastics as the raw material for the production of products molded into thin sheets or pellets, as well as 3D printing filaments. These can then be transformed into products such as disposable plates, straws, bags, furniture or toys. The goals of this project are the reduction and substitution of plastic products which are discarded on a daily basis and which represent a major pollution concern. This material is 100% biodegradable and compostable which makes it ideal for use and quick disposal without compromising the environment.

Ecoplaso has developed and adapted some machines in order to be able to transform the organic waste into bioplastics. The process can be divided into 5 steps: recollection, separation, sterilization, transformation and finishing. The machinery used for these steps comprises grinder, blender, autoclave, extrusion and injection machines. In addition, a technology was developed that enables every organic waste to be transformed into paper.

Category Earth

  • Project: Agglomerating Future
    Applicant: Bioestibas SAS
    Country: Colombia

  • Project: World Cleanup Day, 15 September 2018
    Applicant: Let’s Do It Foundation
    Country: Estonia

  • Project: Ecoplaso
    Applicant: Ecoplaso
    Country: Mexico