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Energy Globe World Award 2019

Finalist in the category Air

DC Micro Power grid with energy storage integrated for marine & offshore vessels
Submitted by:
Siemens AS

BlueDrive PlusC is a revolutionary propulsion system that was specifically designed to help marine vessel owners and the wider offshore industry reduce emissions and improve the efficiency of their operations. Siemens has taken the next step in commercializing this technology by combining its experience in the maritime and oil and gas sectors, with expertise in electrical engineering, electronics, and digitalization, to deliver an advanced lithium-ion battery solution.

Initial situation
The shipping, marine, and offshore energy industries have come under immense pressure to improve the sustainability of their operations. In light of this, facility and marine vessel owners and operators have begun to take aggressive measures to lower fuel consumption and associated emissions, while at the same time reducing operational costs. Using vessels with hybrid (diesel-electric) or all-electric propulsion systems has proven to be an effective way of achieving these goals. However, the design and implementation of these systems present many unique technical challenges.

The main motivation for this project was to create a fully integrated power solution that could help the marine and offshore industries reduce fuel consumption and associated emissions, without impacting profitability. The integration of the BlueVault energy storage with BlueDrive propulsion technology represents an advancement on the way to help offshore operators in the oil and gas, shipping, and energy sectors minimize the environmental footprint of their activities.

Multiple hybrid propulsion systems and energy storage solutions exist on the marketplace today, however, few (if any) companies have been able to bring the two together into a fully integrated solution. The integration of field-proven Bluedrive PlusC power and propulsion technology with a state-of-the-art energy storage solution like BlueVault represents a step change on the way to improve sustainability in the marine, offshore, and shipping sectors.

Category Air

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