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Energy Globe World Award 2019

Finalist in the category Air

Geothermal Energy for the district heating of Espoo
Submitted by:
ST1, Fortum, Neste, Gasum, Wärtsilä, HSY

In the Finnish town of Espoo, public-private-people partnerships were established with the goal of making the city carbon neutral by 2030. The participating companies are involved in the regional transformation to carbon neutrality, but also innovative in their business fields. The proposal showcases with clear evidence the importance of several parallel forefront activities and their synergic collaboration.

Initial situation
The Finnish city of Espoo has officially become a city only in 1972. Five city centers were combined and the city of Espoo was formed and planned. Visionary decision-makers have designed it in a way that is has become the most sustainable city in Europe. But this is still not enough to fight the climate change: New knowledge, new innovative solutions, new concepts and industrial break-through initiatives are needed.

Partnerships between people, the private sector and the public are formed. The joint measures have the clear target of making Espoo city carbon neutral already by 2030. In order to achieve this, the use of coal in this city will be replaced by renewables. Several activities are also targeted to promote regional circular economy solutions. Several activities for the production of carbon-free energy are being planned or on their way to implementation.

The combination of various measures makes this project innovative. For example, the introduction of renewable jet fuel achieves up to 80% reduction of greenhouse gas emissions since it is made of renewable raw materials. Another example is the construction of a wastewater treatment plant which is able to remove over 96% of the phosphorus and organic matter and in addition produces carbon-neutral district heating.

Category Air

  • Project: Automated Hull Treatment
    Applicant: Hubert Palfinger Technologies GmbH
    Country: Austria

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  • Project: Orchestrated PPP-partnerships of Fortum, Neste, ST1, Gasum, Wärtsilä, HSY… to make the city Carbon Neutral by 2030
    Applicant: ST1, Fortum, Neste, HSY – orchestrated initiative in city of Espoo
    Country: Finland

  • Project: DC Micro Power grid with energy storage integrated for marine & offshore vessels
    Applicant: Siemens AS
    Country: Norway