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Fronius demonstrates a CO2-free transport logistic solution


Applicant: Fronius International GmbH
Project: Fronius demonstrates a CO2-free transport logistic solution
Country of implementation: Austria

With 650 employees and 37,000 m² area, the Fronius site in Sattledt (Upper Austria) serves as a model for future-oriented energy supply in a large industrial context: 90% of the required energy is provided by a 604 kWp photovoltaic plant and a 1.5 MW biomass regional heating plant. The most modern HVAC technology with subterranean water basins assures required comfort both summer and winter with utmost energy efficiency. Fronius’ HyLOG project also elevates plant-internal material transport to a new level by retrofitting the company’s vehicle fleet from battery to fuel cell operation. The dominant advantages are replacing the long battery charging times with a few minutes of hydrogen tanking and doubling the range of the vehicles. Hydrogen is produced on-site with photovoltaic current and electrolysis with no emissions.

Green power brings light, energy and income to rural Bangladesh


Applicant: Grameen Shakti
Project: Green power brings light, energy and income to rural Bangladesh
Country of implementation: Bangladesh

Grameen Shakti, a worldwide leading rural-based renewable energy provider, has installed 145,000 solar home systems, Over 3000 biogas plants and 12000 improved cooking stoves. The key to the company’s success is an integrated model that blends soft credit with effective after-sales service and aggressive grassroots promotion that ties the technology with income generation. Through rural entrepreneurs, Grameen Shakti plans to install one million solar home systems and 5 hundred thousand biogas plants and 10 million improved cooking stoves by 2015. The company has opened 25 Grameen Technology Centers to train local women technicians and plans to open 300 by 2015. Grameen Shakti has also initiated Tree Plantation & Organizing Fertilizer Program.

Clean vehicles in Stockholm


Applicant: City of Stockholm, Clean Vehicles in Stockholm
Project: Clean vehicles in Stockholm
Country of implementation: Sweden

A decade of work on the part of the project Clean Vehicles in Stockholm has resulted in a market breakthrough for clean vehicles: 44.000 autos in Stockholm use biofuel or hybrid drive or boast very low-pollution emissions. In addition, 50% of the city fleet, 100% of downtown busses, 40% of the garbage collection fleet, and 20% of new auto sales are clean, and 60% of the gasoline stations sell ethanol and/or biogas. This has resulted from the excellent cooperation with all aspects of the fuel and vehicle chains: biogas production, cooperation with gasoline stations and service workshops, information for end users. This makes the city of Stockholm a good example.