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National ENERGY GLOBE Award Cameroon

Winner: Unistep Team/ Technical University of Crete, Ioannis Sarantopoulos
Project title: Autonomous biodiesel production in rural areas of Cameroon

National ENERGY GLOBE Award Democratic Republic of the Congo

Winner: Dr. Klaus Tietze
Project title: Lake Kivu Gas Exploitation and hazard Reduction Project

Honorary National ENERGY GLOBE Award Egypt

Winner: Moritz Ladstaetter
Project title: Application of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) to Restauration of Modelsites in North African arid zones as response to Climate Change effects.

National ENERGY GLOBE Award Ethiopia

Winner: GAIA ASSOCIATION, Milkyas Debebe
Project title: Improving Indoor Air Quality by Installing Ethanol Fuelled Cooking Stoves in UNHCR Teferiber Refugee camp, Eastern Ethiopia

National ENERGY GLOBE Award Kenya

Winner: WORLD CORPS KENYA, Serah Mucha

National ENERGY GLOBE Award Morocco

Winner: Mohammed VI Foundation for Environment Protection, ABDERRAFII EL HALOUI
Project title: Safeguarding Program of the Marrakesh Palm Grove

National ENERGY GLOBE Award Republic of Rwanda

Winner: Manna Energy Foundation, Evan Thomas
Project title: Carbon Credits for the Treatment of Drinking Water in Rural Rwanda - An International First

Honorary National ENERGY GLOBE Award South Africa

Winner: Durban eThekwini Municipality, South Africa, Raymond Rampersad
Project title: Durban Landfill Gas to Electricity Project

National ENERGY GLOBE Award Tanzania

Winner: Oikos East Africa , Simon Sylvester Kajala
Project title: Water supply for Ngarenanyuki and Oldonyosambu, Tanzania

National ENERGY GLOBE Award The Gambia

Winner: Climate Energy Ltd, Shahla Azirani
Project title: Here is the sun and health – The Gambia

National ENERGY GLOBE Award Tunisia

Winner: Politecnico di Milano, Osama Ayadi
Project title: MEDISCO: MEDiterranean food and agro Industry applications of Solar COoling technologies MEDISCO