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photos: winner + nominees

Category EARTH - winner: Mauritius!

Federated States of Micronesia: Recycling project brings environmental protection and additional income for island inhabitants; Mauritius: Seeds of hope; Austria: Passive house standard and comfort through renovation


Category FIRE - winner: Norway!

Bangladesh: Project Solar multi-user solar system; Nepal: Program to improve water-powered mills in Nepal; Kingdom of Norway: Next Generation Wind Technology


Category WATER - winner: India!

India: Networked underground rain water tanks ensure economical water supply; Pakistan: Water and hygiene program WASEP; Germany: HelioTech water treatment system


Category AIR - winner: Taiwan!

Taiwan: EP-C100 hybrid fuel system for buses, trucks and autos ; United States of America: LED street lighting in the city of Ann Arbor; Sweden: Malmö

zu den Fotos

Category YOUTH - winner: Argentina!

Argentina: Food self-sufficiency in Argentine school fights poverty and malnutrition; Slowenien: Eco-Generation; Morocco: Eco-Schools Program